Manicure In Chelmsford

Looking for somewhere to get the best manicure in Chelmsford? If so, then you need to book an appointment with Brookside Aesthetics. We offer a range of different manicures in a relaxed spa setting, so you can treat yourself to beautiful nails, whenever you want them.

Our Manicure Treatments

 We have all kinds of manicure treatments available, so you can find one that suits your needs. Choose from any of the following:

Classic manicure treatment: This 35 minute treatment is the classic manicure you’ve come to know and love. With this package you’ll get a file, shape, buff, cuticle care and tidy, a hand and arm massage, along with application of a polish of your choice.

 Luxury manicure treatment: This treatment is like a facial for your hands, giving you skin that looks younger and is softer. You’ll get everything you’d get in the classic manicure package, along with a warming paraffin wax mask and a heated mitts application.

 Express manicure treatment: This is the package for you if you want beautifully polished nails, but you’re stuck for time. You’ll get a file, shape and polish within just 25 minutes.

 Executive male hand and nail treatment: For men looking for a manicure in Chelmsford, this is the option for you. You’ll be able to get your nails cleaned, filed and shaped, as well as a cuticle treatment and a hand and arm massage. Your nails will look conditioned and well groomed afterwards.

 The Benefits Of A Manicure In Chelmsford

 Why get a manicure with us? There’s lots of reasons why you should book your manicure appointment today:

Treat yourself: Who doesn’t love having some time just to pamper themselves? If you’re the kind of person that’s always running around and looking after others, then why shouldn’t you take some time just to invest in yourself? Getting a manicure is relaxing, and something that’s just for you.

 Improve the health of your nails: If you’re struggling with maintaining your nails, then you should look into a manicure in Chelmsford. The manicurist working with you will be able to help with common issues such as peeling or weak nails, and get them looking their best. They’ll be able to give you some tips too, to ensure you can take good care of them at home.

 Get a professional look: While you can paint your nails at home, you’ll always get a really professional and polished look with a manicure. Get one before any big event, and you can be confident that your nails look their best.

 Improve blood circulation: Here’s a benefit of manicures that you may not have thought about. When you get a manicure, you’ll get a hand massage too. This helps improve your blood circulation, which is vital for healthy nails. It also helps keep your hands warmer in the winter months, too.

 Why Choose Us For Your Manicure In Chelmsford?

 We know you have choices when it comes to manicures, so why choose Brookside Aesthetics for your treatment?

We have a team that are highly qualified in what they do, with a variety of qualifications and diplomas in health and beauty care. They also have decades of experience between them, so you know they know their stuff when it comes to manicures.

As well as being qualified, our team also prides themselves on creating a relaxing and calming atmosphere. You come for manicures not only to improve your nails, but to relax and unwind. Our team work hard to ensure you have the best experience, every time you have an appointment.

Our salon is kitted out with top-of-the-line equipment and is kept scrupulously clean. Cleanliness is paramount to our work, and we’ll always welcome you into a sparklingly clean salon when you visit.

On top of all of of this, we ensure that we offer high-quality treatments at fair prices to you. With our prices, you’ll always be able to treat yourself.