Chemical Peels – Everything you Need to Know

Chemical peels are among the most popular aesthetic treatments. Here, we talk about the benefits of having a chemical peel and what to expect when having the treatment.

The benefits of a chemical peel

Complexion – A professional chemical peel can achieve outstanding results. The skin will appear smoother and naturally youthful.

Spots and acne – A chemical peel will help smooth out spots and balance the skin’s natural pH. It can treat acne and target the T-Zone.

Scarring – chemical peels remove the outer layer of skin, and therefore some scarring will be removed. The new skin that replaces it should give a smoother, more subtle appearance depending on the scarring.

Wrinkles – While fillers and Botox are usually more beneficial for treating wrinkles, a chemical peel may help their appearance as it provides a smoother look.

Dull skin – Your skin will be left brighter and smoother, helping to reduce the dull, tired look that sometimes occurs.

How is the treatment performed, and how long does it take?

The first thing to mention here is that a chemical peel is not a painful procedure. At most, you should feel tingling on the skin. Before you have your chemical peel, a consultation and pre-treatment assessment should be performed with an aesthetic treatment professional, such as Brookside Aesthetics.

The process of a chemical peel involves the removal of skin cells from the top skin layer. The solution is applied using a small applicator with a cotton tip. Once the skin layer comes away, the fresh layer underneath will reveal a fresher appearance. You will need further chemical peels to maintain this fresh look. It is advised to wait 1 to 6 months between treatments depending on the peel you received.

A chemical peel can take up to 90 minutes, depending on the treatment you choose. You will be in a calm and friendly setting so you can relax and enjoy a pamper.

It is advised that you avoid sunbeds after a chemical peel, and you should ensure you are well hydrated to help your skin rejuvenate.

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