CALECIM® Professional Treatment

Stem cell derived Growth factors: For accelerated Skin Restoration. The World's Only skincare powered by cord lining stem cells.

CALECIM® Professional patented stem cells its secrete powerful mix of proteins, growth factors and cytokines (called Rejuvenating Conditioned Media), which direct skin cells to behave in a ‘youthful’ manner. They do this by sending signals that help increase glycoprotein production, encourage cell mobility, and activate cells to divide or self-destruct, effectively restoring a healthy epidermal cell turnover.

CALECIM® Professional Serum contains high concentrations of Rejuvenating Conditioned Media derived from cord lining extract. This mix of growth factors, peptides and proteins sends signals to your skin to help enhance the natural restoration process of skin. In laboratory studies, Cord Lining Conditioned Media has been shown to encourage skin cell mobility, resulting in accelerated healing. It has also been shown to produce anti-inflammatory proteins.

Calecim Treatment at Brookside Aesthetics - Chelmsford, Essex

CALECIM® Professional treatment is available at Brookside Aesthetics in conjunction with Microneedling, Radio Frequency and IPL treatments. It is designed for clients who have mild to severe photoaging, acne and acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, and age spots, and/or anyone wishing to improve their overall complexion and anti-ageing.

CALECIM® Professional serums are rejuvenative stem cells proteins that can help skin cell regeneration, and regulate the skin cycle so that fresh, young skin cells can rise to the surface of the skin.

The results are increased radiance and glow, the hallmark of youthful, healthy skin

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